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The city of Rome offers you the chance to experience a unique journey in thousand years of history, culture and ancient patrimony. The capital of the Roman Empire and since 1862 of the Italian Republic, Rome is a city that doesn´t preserve simply the monuments and ruins of the greatest empire of the ancient history, but also an incredible cultural heritage and legacy to human kind.

Starting from the antic remains of the Classical period, to the medieval palaces and monuments, through to Renaissance and the bloom in art and literature, ending to the modern constructions, Rome is a modern capital that carries a glorious past and undeniable contemporary influence – all to be discovered by its visitors.

The Eternal city is also a unique mix of contrasts: one of the promoters of the European Union, Rome is often seen as the door to the oriental countries, where west meets the east! Moving around Rome, its visitors will be amazed by the ornaments of the Palazzi, the beautiful churches and the amazing squares from where you can sip an exquisite cappuccino while admiring an ancient statue or façade. No other city in the world has so much to offer, where all corners hide an ancient legend and mystery.  

The Vatican, the world´s only palace-state inside Rome, with San Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel is one of the most visited sites in the World.

We believe that the best way to know Rome is by experiencing it as a real local: by going to the fabulous groceries or open air markets, getting your own food, meeting Romans and their hospitality and enjoying a homelike meal in the terrace of your Rome apartment.

Pillow Rome is run by native Romans who can suggest the perfect areas to visit in the eternal city and can give the best advices on how to get around. We offer apartments in the most convenient area of the fabulous Italian capital: areas such as Campo dei Fiori, Pantheon, Navona square, Monti, Piazza Venezia, Spanish steps, Trastevere and a many more.

Plan a visit in Rome by renting a short-term apartment with us? We have a wode offer of apartments in Rome ! This is the best way to know the city and to save money compared to other types of accommodation. We have a great selection of high quality apartments in the main hot spots of Rome.

Our motto is “Live like a local” and we really want you to enjoy the eternal city as a Roman would!

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